Top 10 High Paying Jobs – Best Careers in America

The editorial “Top 10 High Paying Jobs – Best Careers in America” picks out 10 promising career opportunities for skilled professionals in America.

Being the largest economy in the world, a large number of skilled professionals land on the soils of America seeking a prosperous future. Although the economy suffered a depression causing a high unemployment and poverty ratio in the last few years. Despite this recession, a handful of American companies stayed away from downsizing their business operations rather offered new jobs with an attractive salary package to fresh graduates based on merit and professional competence.

Top Paying Jobs USA

America offers promising career opportunities to local graduates as well as foreign immigrants.

In compiling the list of top paying jobs and best careers in USA a variety of factors have been considered like the career growth rate, number of vacancies, level of remuneration, professional competence required and job satisfaction levels. Here are the best career opportunities in America.

#10. Lawyer


Starting Salary: Around $40K annually
Top Salary : Around $190K annually

Despite the financial meltdown Lawyers remain a demanded workforce in the US. Many companies are looking for professional Lawyers to deal with the emerging corporate issues. With the advancement in technology the methodology of practicing law has turned more IT intensive.

In order to become a lawyer an individual needs to avail a recognized undergraduate degree from a reputed university, then study law courses at an American Bar Association recognized School and also pass the local Bar Exam before practicing as a lawyer.

#9. Environmental Engineer


Starting Salary: Around $40K annually
Top Salary : Around $113K annually

With the increasing levels of pollution and depletion of natural resources America needs more environmental engineers. Environmental Engineers have a job to preserve the environment through promoting environmental friendly activities. They are primarily responsible for devising a strategy to control the levels of environmental pollution and minimize the threats towards depletion of energy resources by promoting the use of recycled energy.

In order to become an Environmental Engineer one needs preferably a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences. Overall working as an environmental engineer is a high paying job in USA.

#8. Financial Adviser


Starting Salary : Around $50K annually
Top Salary : Around $210K annually

Becoming a Financial Adviser is a rewarding and one of the best career in America. Financial adviser provides the client with the advice relevant to investment strategies, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other ways to earn a substantial rate of return. In a nutshell financial adviser offers consultancy services for managing finances.

In order to become a Financial Adviser one needs to possess an Undergraduate or Graduate Degree in Finance.

#7. Accountant and Auditor


Starting Salary: Around $40K annually
Top Salary : Around $120K annually

Bookkeeping and external audit is a legal requirement for a majority of business entities, more job prospects and less job volatility makes becoming an Accountant/Auditor as one of the attractive career opportunities in America.

In order to become an Accountant one needs an Undergraduate Degree in accountancy or a certification from a recognized professional body of accountants such as “ICAEW”, “ACCA”, “CPA” or “CMA” with relevant work experience. In order to become an auditor you need to be a member of a local auditing professional body such as Institute of Internal Auditors or AICPA.

#6. Civil Engineer

civil engineering

Starting Salary: Around $48K annually
Top Salary : Around $116K annually

Civil engineering has a broad scope in America. The aging infrastructure of the country won’t maintain without the input of Civil Engineers who gonna be supervising and planning the construction of bridges, roads, buildings, water sewerage systems etc.

In order to become a civil engineer strong professional competence, practical experience and a university degree with majors in the subject of civil engineering is required.

#5. Doctor and Surgeons


Starting Salary: Around $120K annually
Top Salary : Around $400K annually

Practicing as a doctor and surgeon is a very respectable career but carries a high degree of social responsibility. Doctors and surgeons enjoy a huge demand in America regardless of the prevailing economic conditions. No matter what’s the condition of the economy doctors and surgeons will remain a demanded workforce in USA.
Becoming a Doctor and Surgeon is a tough task and you need to study very hard. University degree in Medicine and Surgery from a recognized reputed Medical School and some practical experience in the relevant field is required before becoming a Doctor and practicing as a Surgeon.

#4. Management Consultant


Starting Salary: Around $50K annually
Top Salary : Around $170K annually

During the times of recession a large number of corporations are hiring a Management Consultant to improve the workflow and increase profits. Although working as a Management Consultant is a high paying job but high levels of analytical/planning skills are required along with the ability to accomplish tasks within stipulated time period.

Becoming a Management Consultant requires taking Management Courses in a university or a Degree in Business Administration.

#3. Petroleum Engineer


Starting Salary: Around $60K annually
Top Salary : Around $146K annually

Petroleum Engineering is concerned with production of hydrocarbons such as natural gas and crude oil. Due to increasing demand for energy and fuel resources petroleum engineering remains one of the best careers in US.

In order to become a petroleum engineer, relevant university degree is required with majors in Petroleum Engineering.

#2. Software Engineer


Starting Pay: Around $54K annually
Average Pay : Around $120K annually

As technology evolves there is huge demand for software engineers to design, develop, test, implement and debug new advanced software programs. In order to become a software engineer a degree in software engineering is required plus the courses and certifications in different programming languages.

#1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Entrepreneurship still remain the top job in USA which is concerned with establishing a new company and then taking it onto the heights of success. Usually Chief Executive Officers CEO’s are the core employees of an organization who start a new business and inject their endeavors to take the company towards success.

A number of CEO’s of the Fortune 500 Companies enjoy remuneration of around $10 million annually while others provide their services to attain personal satisfaction taking meager salary. In order to become a CEO you need to have practical experience, need to be involved in or helping others start a new business. No formal qualifications are required for Entrepreneurship as a number of CEO’s today are school dropouts.


The publication “Top 10 High Paying Jobs – Best Careers in USA″ is unbiased, non guaranteed and reflects an individuals point of view. The above list is prepared only to serve informational and educational purpose, no infringement or violation of copyright is intended, the salary rewards stated above are just estimates the actual figures may vary on a case by case basis.

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