Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy describes how much user/visitor data is collected on this website, why the user data is collected and by which means the data is collected pertinent to the user’s.

At we are highly committed in offering highly valued useful content efficiently and effectively free of cost for catering the needs of our valued user’s. We are pretty much aware of the concerns and apprehensions users have for the security of their private data and strive hard to take appropriate steps for addressing this issue.

Keeping in mind the integrity of our user’s we collects minimum data that is required only to take the levels of quality and security up a notch.

Please note that we never sell, leak out or exploit the data collected from our website visitors/user’s.

If you visit or any of the sub domains then ensure you read our privacy policy very carefully and we constantly update this page to reflect changes in the kind of user data collected.

Privacy Policy Details

Here is a precise description of the kind of data we collect, how it is collected and why it is collected.

Privacy Policy – The General User Information

In order to keep up with the latest trends and offering our user’s comfort and quality in usage it is very necessary to collect some general information regarding the user’s/visitor’s. Keeping in consideration the latest security issues and threats that have bombarded over internet we have intentions to further enhance the security of our website.

In order to curb invalid activity we do maintain Logs of our visitors who have been to our website. The Logs contain information including but not limited to the IP Address of the user, his web browser, his device i.e Mobile, Laptop or Personal Computer, His preferred language, screen resolution, City, Country, Internet Service Provider, Duration of visit, Pages viewed, Time of first visit, clicks on any of the links or advertisements, path of entry like Google search or direct, entry pages, exit pages. These Logs are maintained and monitored on a daily basis to counter the attempts, including but not limited to, of unauthorized access to our website, unauthorized uploading of data to our website, track user’s who disturb others, spammers, malware injectors, password hijacking machines, automated software’s, users who are surfing our website through virus, Trojan infected machines and other factors that may harm not only our site reputation but also impair user experience shared by other user(s).

Please note the information on Logs is equally collected for the user’s and we may block the access of offending IP Addresses to our website and in this scenario we may even use the information collected to take solid steps against the offending user’s. We might disclose your information to the concerned authorities should you engage in any prohibited or morally undervalued activity, the enacted law is breached or provided the legislation allows us to do so.

Moreover we have installed third party website traffic analysis software’s such as but not limited to Stat Counter, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools that may collect certain data about the user’s. The data include elements such as, including but not limited to, user’s geographical location, operating system, web browser, time of visit, the number of pages visited, the names of pages visited, entrance pages of our site, exit pages of our site, referral link to our website and the links clicked etc.

The general user information is collected automatically when a user opens our website but please don’t worry as this information is neither shared, disclosed or sold to any third party unless you engage in any illegal activity including but not limited to in the paragraphs above, nor we have any intentions for using the data in wrong purposes.

Privacy Policy – Personally Provided Information

If you use our contact form to communicate with us we may collect your name, email id and website address or other contact details, just for the purpose of shooting a reply message addressing your query. In this scenario we do not exploit your privacy and the data is never sold to third parties or used for wrong purposes. We may maintain a copy of your message for further reference or correspondence. The only implication is that we may include your email address into one of our mailing lists so that we may send you newsletters, promotions or other announcements but only upon your consent. You may unsubscribe to our email services any time and your data except for the communication message will be deleted from our custody.

You may subscribe to our RSS Feed that is served through the famous and largest Feedburner service. Feedburner works upon user email verification method so that the service is only activated upon user permission.

We try our level best to keep data secure but as the data is hosted on third party servers or for communication that is done through external websites so we do not guarantee the security of private data at external websites including but not limited to Pinterest, Feedburner, Facebook, Delicious, Tumblr, Twitter, Skype, You Tube, Linked In, Stumble Upon, Digg and others. In the case of comments we usually have our own comments system but sometimes install Disqus Comments System, Intense Debate, Facebook Comments etc. The user’s have to make their profile on Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Intense Debate otherwise they can comment via Facebook, Twitter ID, comment being a Guest or as an anonymous user.

For our self hosted normal comments section we collect your email address but never publish it on our website by ourselves. If you leave any personal detail in the comments section than the moderator will review it before approval, spammers are rejected, sometimes your avatar gets published on our website but only if you manually agree. It is your personal discretion to leave a comment and you are not allowed to post any racial, gender discrimination comments, comments that may hurt others sentiments, abusive comments or those promoting illegal activities, fraud, fake advertisements, copyright infringements, drugs, morally undervalued or prohibited activities, anything illegal, pornography and others.

Please note we try our level best to keep your data secure but the data you with consent provide on third party servers is never guaranteed for instance making an user account on Disqus comments system to drop a comment at one of our webpages etc. If Guest Authors or Potential Employment candidates send us their details then they are not treated as regular visitors and we may store their data like curriculum vitae and projects in the case of guest authors for future correspondence but not share or sell it to any one. In the perspective of comments the public Disqus profile is accessible or we have access to names and email id’s of commentators on our blog but we seldom use them only to identify and block spammers or for correspondence with commentator like answering the question he asked on our blog. the comments are being moderated on a regular basis and we reserve the right to blacklist any spammer, approve only genuine and relevant comments, permanently block any commentator using abusive, offending, irrelevant, slang , racist words in his opinions.

We do offer newsletter services that requires you to fill out your name and email id or only your email. We have installed double opt in system to ensure no body exploits your email id and ensure that you agree to our policies. Being a subscriber of newsletter rest assured we hate spam as much as you do. We immediately delete your data if you unsubscribe to our list and you are only added to our database when you confirm the subscription link provided in one of our emails. The newsletter may sometimes include advertisements, our monthly editorials round up, paid promotional products etc. As here we try our level best to provide you with unique and comprehensive content but the authenticity of our speculations or tricks is not guaranteed they are a mere piece of advice to guide you but it is your personal discretion to apply our tutorials as we never ask you to do so. Well we know this may sound strange to you at first but nobody even trained authors can not guarantee the results if their writings are applied by someone.

Privacy Policy – Third-Party Adverts or Apps

We use Weather underground free of cost available stickers to furnish our user’s with latest weather updates. These stickers are not harmful and are open source so no copyright infringement is expected. At RiseDream.Com Network and Accounting21.Com we are using third party apps to enhance user experience. These Apps like Facebook Widget, Twitter Widget, Plugins like Digg Digg etc may collect general user information like user preferences etc through cookies, tracking code or other means. We do not take the responsibility for the security of information collected by third party apps when you use them and also recommend user’s to think at least four times before giving away their information to external apps. These third party apps are provided only as an invitation to treat and never fall in the ambit of offer moreover we have no access to the third party servers these links are provided only to let social media user’s share our stories effectively and without any hassle. The purpose of serving third party adverts is to monetize the website. We may use advertising platforms like Google Adsense, ClickBank Affiliate Program, TechnoratiMedia Ads, BuySell Ads, Infolinks, Kontera, Chitika, Adbrite,, Tribal Fusion, Lijit Ads, Gunggo Ads and other third party Advertisement Networks to serve you with the third party links or promotions that you might be interested in.

Please note we try our level best to place ads on locations that will not cause accidental clicks, we never encourage you to click on any of the advert being served on this site. “In a nutshell we have rented out some space to third party advertising platform in exchange for some money”. All these advertising platforms may collect some of your data but only of a general nature. You could easily turn off the data being collected by these third party adverts by including not limited to turning off the Double Dart Cookie, blocking pop ups in your web browsers and turning on the safe browsing feature in your web browser. The policy to hamper your personal data collection for one of our advertisement network is listed under the heading below.

Privacy Policy – Google Adsense Specific Program Policies

We use Google Adsense advertisement program to monetize our website that may track your geographical location and content preferences to serve you suitable ads via a DART cookie stored on your computer however you may turn off this service by hitting the url below We also may use DART cookies for advertisements being through Google’s DoubleClick. Google DoubleClick places a cookie on your computer when you are browsing the web and visit a site using DoubleClick advertising (including some Google AdSense advertisements) as an example you click on one of the advertisements where it is written “Ads by Google”. The double Dart Cookie is used to serve ads specific to you and your interests (”interest based targeting”). The adverts served on our website or other websites will be targeted to you based on your previous browsing history stored in Double Dart Cookie (For example, if you have been surfing websites in the niche “Starting a Business”, the next time you visit a website that has no relation to business stuff you will see the adverts targeting you with the keyword “Starting a Business”). Google DoubleClick DART Cookie stores and utilizes “non personally identifiable information”. It does NOT track personal information like your name, email address, physical address, telephone number, social security numbers, bank account numbers or credit card numbers, social media accounts, username or password if registered on an ad serving website etc. You have the option to disable or selectively turn off our cookies or third-party cookies by modifying your web browser settings (you could search your web browser support forums for technical tutorial off turning off the cookies), or by managing preferences in antivirus programs such as Avast Antivirus, Avista Antivirus, AVG Internet Security, Mcafee Antivirus, Panda Antivirus, Norton Internet Security etc. However, turning off cookies or modifying your web browser settings may render your machines ability for interacting with our site as well as other websites (some parts may not function if you disable cookies or in some circumstances the site won’t open). This could include such as the inability to Login to services or programs, such as logging into forums or accounts. You should consult the respective privacy policies of these third-party advertisement servers for more detailed information on their practices as well as for instructions about how to opt-out of certain practices. Subject to any applicable laws, rules and regulations, Accounting21.Com and Google Adsense will have the sole and exclusive right to use all data derived from your use of the DoubleClick DART cookie for any purpose related to Accounting21.Com business, provided that Google may use and disclose this data subject to the terms of Google’s advertising privacy policies and any applicable laws, rules and regulations. For more details you may turn off the cookies tracing your activity by choosing settings in your web browser, maintaining priorities in Anti Virus Software’s like Norton Antivirus etc to block and disable cookies. Deleting a cookie does not mean that you are opted out of tracking services so next time you open any website with cookies enabled you may find a new tracking cookie being installed within your machine. The only way to opt out of being tracked is to turn off cookies. Disabling cookies may opt you out of ads being served when you visit a website and also some of the features in this website won’t work if you turn off your cookies.

Privacy Policy – External Links

We do allow Guest authors and link their articles to their websites or in certain posts we give away external links for enhancing user knowledge upon a topic. We ensure the links are not spammers or point to a undervalued website but if the link owner redirects his link then please do report us for immediate removal of he external link. External link refers to any link other then starting with,, or We can not guarantee the security of private user data after landing on external websites so exercise caution when clicking any of the links.

According to Data Privacy Legislation’s in the case of any legal matter such as including but not limited to, fraud, money laundering etc we may override the privacy policy and disclose all the desired information regarding the offending user to Government institutions if it is required.

This policy may be revised, modified, rephrased, changed, removed or amended any time without any permission, reason, prior announcement, event or anything else.

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