Staying Motivated During a Long Job Search


If you’ve sent out your resume to a large number of employers recently and haven’t yet secured a new job, it may be difficult to stay motivated. But it’s important not to get discouraged. A positive attitude can be great asset during this time. Stay Motivated During Job Search   The more persistent you are, […]

Evaluating Whether to Move for a Job Opportunity

Should I Move for a Better Job Opportunity?

In a competitive job market, immediately jumping at the next employment opportunity can be tempting, even if it requires relocation. However, there are many aspects to consider before taking the plunge. Should I Move for a Better Job Opportunity?   In an International survey, 68 percent of chief financial officers polled said they would be […]

Finding Job Leads Online


When looking for a new position, you should begin your search on the Internet — arguably the best tool for finding job listings and business-related news. The Web includes information about myriad opportunities and employers, allowing you to find the data you need and enhance your career prospects. Below are some key online resources for […]

Making Reference Checks Work for You

Making Reference Checks Work Positively for You in Your Job

Most job seekers are accustomed to providing references to prospective employers. But are you aware how much weight these testimonials can carry? For many companies, hiring decisions depend on completion of a satisfactory reference check. Making Reference Checks Work Positively for You in Your Job   You can do your part by being proactive during […]

Make Your Resume Stand Out From the Crowd

Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out From the Crowd

In any job market, it’s important to put your best foot forward — even at the beginning of the application process. A carefully prepared resume can distinguish you from your competition right off the bat and help increase your chances of being invited for an interview. So it’s essential to invest time in creating a […]

Taking Advantage of Campus Recruiting Visits

Tips to get hired for your ideal job in Campus Recruitment

 Did you know that the next opportunity to further your career might be right outside your classroom? On-campus recruiting days and job fairs are unique events designed for you, as a student, to speak with prospective employers and learn about their companies, any open positions they have and what it will take to be successful […]

Using Temporary Work as a Job Hunting Tool

Using Temporary Part Time Work as Job Hunting Tool

Companies of all sizes employ temporary workers as part of their business strategies. Many temporary and project professionals fill management- and executive-level positions. Temporary work is also an effective tool for job seekers looking for a full-time opportunity. In fact, a substantial percentage of executives recently surveyed said they consider it valuable to hire employees […]

Writing Your Way to Success

Writing Your Way to Success

Writing skills have become increasingly important for accountants as their roles expand. Whether it’s crafting a memo, preparing a report for executives, or developing materials for clients or colleagues, accounting professionals need to be effective writers in order to advance in their careers. Writing Tips for Accountants   No one expects you to be the […]

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