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Is it your natural instinct to build fears and tensions when it comes to appearing in board exams? Do you get panicky on the very sight of your exam timetable? Well, it’s an undeniable reality that good students also keep struggling throughout the entire year to obtain high scores in exams. It may be either due to sheer negligence in taking education seriously, or might be the adoption of ineffective learning strategies that actually results in poor academic scores. Grades however matter a lot when it comes to impressing employers, and therefore one must adopt healthy study habits right from their school days.

Academic scores matter a lot

In today’s world, you can never expect to prosper without doing academically well. In fact, your high academic scores will always be a huge advantage which will support you at each and every phase while pursuing the journey of your schooling as well as your work life.

So, here are some tips and suggestions which will help you secure good marks in all your forthcoming examinations and consequently help you earn a bright future. Let’s take a look:

Don’t act like a machine: If you think that studying fifteen to twenty hours can make you prepare well for your exams, you are wrong. What’s important is the quality of preparation and not the quantity of hours you are taking for completing your lessons. Studying four to five years is considered far more effective than doing the same for almost the entire day. This surely works wonders in letting you finish your lessons fast and thereafter you get ample time for revision.

Relax and study: Stress and anxiety are the biggest reasons behind securing poor marks in exams. There is a simple way to stay miles away from these unpleasant mental conditions. The day when you are taught a new chapter or a lesson in your school or college, make it a habit to go through it after returning home. Revise the new lesson on that very day instead of delaying it further. This will help you keep pace with your lessons.

Don’t mug up lessons blindly

Mugging or learning by heart no doubt is sheer art which however serves your purpose temporarily. There are many who somehow manages to memorize answers without taking pain to understand their meaning. This often results in a disaster in the midst of the examination when those mugged up answers fail to hit your memory. So, it’s better if you can divide a particular answer into points. This will not only help you prepare it in quick time but you can recall those points and write it down with ease.

Focus on specific lessons

You might aim to prepare ten answers per day. So, it’s obvious for you to get panicky if you end up with five to six. Well, avoid keeping such hard and fast targets which might not be possible for you to accomplish easily. In fact, if you prepare at least three answers on a daily basis, you will gain a lot. Remember, preparing ten answers within 24 hours will be irrational in comparison to taking 3 days for preparing six answers.

Keep an eye on time

It will be sheer stupidity if you merely learn your lessons and head to the examination center. In fact, when you start preparing lessons for your exam, try to learn and write side by side. The moment you have prepared an answer, write it down eyeing on time. This will also help you acquire speed and hence you can complete your paper within the set time period.

Whether you are studying in school or preparing for higher studies like Engineering or MBA, the above mentioned suggestions will always help you secure high grades in your examinations. Remember, dedication and sincerity can only let you acquire a brilliant academic record. Good luck!!

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