5 Innovative Ways Your Small Business Can Use Its Facebook Page

So you’ve got a Facebook page for your business up and running. It’s likely that you’re posting content on a regular basis – maybe blog entries or interesting quotes – and informing your fans when your company has a new service, product, or special deal.

For many businesses, their Facebook pages serve as a more modern version of a mailing list. But what is there beyond the basics that your business can do to leverage your following and the wealth of data available on the most popular social network? And how can you make your Facebook presence more engaging to your customers?

Share your History

Why not use the new Facebook timeline to introduce your customers to the story of how your company got its start? It’s a great way to share the vision and personality of your brand – whether you’re revisiting past product launches, showcasing major accomplishments, telling a family tale, or sharing your personal journey. Some brands have even taken the idea a step further by detailing the history of their industry! For example, Spotify allows you to explore the entire history of music on its Facebook timeline.

Test your next Product

With Facebook polls and comments, it’s easier than ever to find out if your customers are interested in a new product or service before you spend much time or money developing it. Got an idea? Ask people if they like it in a poll. Then you can further hone the concept by requesting further suggestions as comments. And of course, you can enlist the help of some “beta testers” if you want to do a trial run.

Research your Competitors

So now that you’ve used your Facebook page to learn more about what your customers like, don’t you want to know what the customers of other companies think about their products and services? It’s likely they’re sharing that information on their Facebook pages, too, and it can be an invaluable look behind the curtain of your competitors’ practices. Check out what fans (and complainers) of other companies are saying in order to improve your own offerings.

Host a Live Conversation

Got an expert in your field that people might be interested in talking with? Getting a lot of interest about a particular topic you recently blogged about? Or maybe you get asked a lot of questions about your products or services. There are many reasons why people might want to chat with your brand, so why not make it an event on Facebook? Announce the live chat well in advance so people have time to mark their calendars. You can even create an event invite, so they get a reminder. After the chat, you can post a transcript for people who were unable to attend – on Facebook and on your website or blog.

Let people Order Online

Are you currently letting people order your products or services on your website? Guess what – you can do that on Facebook too! And it’s a great idea, because if people are hooked by your marketing efforts there, it makes it very convenient (and more likely) that they will actually hit that buy button if they don’t have to leave Facebook to go to your site. You’ll need to invest in having an app made by a professional, and you may want to ensure that it’s also smartphone friendly to give people yet another way to access your offerings.

The more time you spend on Facebook, the more ways you’ll discover to connect with your customers. And of course, if you’re looking for ideas… you can always hit up your followers for their thoughts and suggestions!

Author’s Biography: Justin Barnes writes for Cloverleaf Innovation, an innovation company located near Chicago, IL.

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