03 Creative Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

Creative Marketing Ideas: These fresh and creative marketing ideas will help grow your business and give a high ROI (Return on Investment).

Despite daily late sittings, skimming trade journals and analyzing competitor strategies, you are left with no workable idea to carry sales volume up a notch. Instead of biting your nails in frustration, you need to take yourself by collar for experimenting new marketing strategy.

What you will be thinking as a marketing newbie?”

As an ordinary marketer I would be more than interested in adopting creative marketing ideas. Mostly we adopt the strategy of our industry competitors. We’ll continue to experiment something contemporary yet unique. People tend to have short memories, it would be a good idea to formulate a new marketing theme bi-annually and then keep on rectifying errors unless you meet the desired results.

For example under promising and over delivering often help brands.

If Pepsi is achieving high sales volume through cutting down prices by say 10%. The nearest beverage competitor will start offering a supplementary product i.e a half liter bottle free with every three bottles purchased.

All the brands apply their own methodologies to study the market & consumer behavior for attracting consumer attention. As a marketing newbie I would go a step forward by using different promotional strategies on different marketing channels.

1. Social Media

Social Media is one of the most effective channels for promoting any kind of website, product, video or images etc. You have full space to try out your creative marketing ideas. If you could create a video advertisement for your product that gets viral then rest assured your brand will get noticed.

You can drive in at least 80% growth in your monthly sales if you could harness the true potential of social media. The companies allocate hefty budget towards this subtle area to yield favorable results.

2- Sponsor Sports Event

It’s a good creative marketing idea to redesign your product, outlook, website and Facebook Fan Page inline with sporting events. There are high chances for upward surge in revenue graph. Let’s suppose if you could organize competitions like pick your dream team for today’s match. Predict how many goals would team Germany score in soccer match etc. Rewarding the followers for correct prediction through prizes is very essential.

3. Give Something for Free

This is the sort of conventional marketing strategy but still you could add some innovation courtesy evolving market trends. Marketing Pitch is the most important tool to get consumer attention, like for example

Why pay extra when you could get 20% extra for free

The ideas and opportunities are equally important. The matter of the fact remains successful implementation for achieving desired results. These creative marketing ideas will help boost sales and grow business.

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