Career Success Strategies


Business is constantly changing, and so are the demands placed on accountants. New challenges arise, niche specialties emerge and accounting procedures continue to evolve. However, there are some techniques that can help you thrive in any environment.   Following are some strategies for career success: Stay up-to-date Remain current on industry trends and prepare yourself […]

What is Accounting?


Just What is Accounting? Now that you know accounting basics, it’s time for you to find out what exactly accounting is! If you are interested in accountancy rather pursuing a career in accounting then chances are that you may have asked yourself, what is accounting? Simply put, accounting is the process of recording financial transactions of a business. This […]

Accounting Basics


Accounting Basics If you intend to run a business or pursue an accounting career, then you will find free accounting course to be a crucial starting point. You don’t have to be a professional to manage your business effectively. With sound knowledge and command of accounting basics, you can manage business finance and assets very well. For now, we […]

How Hard are the CFA Exams?


Finance students often ask “How hard are CFA Exams?”. Passing the CFA Exams requires strong discipline and a substantial amount of study. CFA Level 1, 2 and 3, the three exams can be taken annually in June, except for the CFA Level I, which candidates can either attempt in December or June. CFA Exams are […]

The Best Online Accounting Software For Small Business


Best Online Accounting Software: We have gathered list of top online accounting software for small business enterprises, in terms of features & affordability. When you own a small business, keeping your books and records up-to-date is an important part of your job. The financial results not only help assess your business performance, but give directions […]

03 Creative Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business


Creative Marketing Ideas: These fresh and creative marketing ideas will help grow your business and give a high ROI (Return on Investment). Despite daily late sittings, skimming trade journals and analyzing competitor strategies, you are left with no workable idea to carry sales volume up a notch. Instead of biting your nails in frustration, you […]

Top 10 Strategic Analysis Models Every Entrepreneur must learn


Business transformation and process adaptation are integral towards the competitive survival of business enterprises. The dynamics of Business analysis play a vital role in ensuring that strategic plans for transformation are developed properly and implemented efficiently. Business Analysis involves modelling, systematic thinking, investigation of business processes and their improvement, deciding allocation of resources, innovation and […]

Be Cool, Think Smart & Score High in Exams


Is it your natural instinct to build fears and tensions when it comes to appearing in board exams? Do you get panicky on the very sight of your exam timetable? Well, it’s an undeniable reality that good students also keep struggling throughout the entire year to obtain high scores in exams. It may be either […]

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